Located less than 30 minutes from Orlando International Airport, our dressage stable in Florida offers twenty two Loddon designed stalls, divided into two separate barns. The high ceilings with large cupolas offer wonderful ventilation, and even in hot weather the breeze keeps the barns cool. Each stall has two sliding doors for easy access.

The exterior doors have folding grills, allowing the horse to have their head out or the door closed with ventilation. A ten foot overhang protects the horses from sun and rain.

Within our stable, each barn has its own air conditioned tack room, feed room and laundry room plus a bathroom and shower. There are two “dry” tack up stalls, and two outside wash stalls in each barn. A large room is available for tack trunks and equipment with hanging racks for blankets and sheets.

The majority of our staff lives on property, which allows for 24 hour supervision of the horses, and the secluded location offers a peaceful and private atmosphere, conducive to fruitful training.

The covered riding ring measures 90×220 feet. One entire short side is mirrored. The arena is surrounded by a four foot tilted wood wall and has a sprinkler system for dust control. The footing is leveled and graded daily.

To further enhance the training, the arena has a high quality sound system designed and installed by Speakeasy LTD. It works very well for giving instruction and practicing freestyles.

The facility is located in a horse community and right outside the gate there are dirt roads available for hacking leading to a 1400 acre state park with trails.

Eleven paddocks of varying sizes are available for turnout. All have rounded corners and the larger pastures have automatic waters.

Both barns have four wash stalls and tack-up stalls, each with hot and cold running water.

Additional Information

This property was built in 2002-2003 of concrete block and upper framed on 40 beautifully-landscaped acres; Two Main Buildings, European Tudor styled, 40ft. wide by 120ft long are identical exteriors separated by a 100 foot grass courtyard. High opened beamed ceilings for excellent air circulation Each end of the buildings have 16ft. sliding doors. A 15 foot wide aisle with a 5 foot wide rubber brick section in the center recessed in concrete with built-in drains and 5 foot concrete on each side. Along the length of each building on both sides is a 10 foot over hang. One building has 4 separate rooms, between 10×10 and 10×18, all conditioned/heated There is bathroom and shower This building has an office with kitchenette and full bath and shower. Also at the east end are 4 studio apartments, 2 on the second floor and 2 on the ground floor. The other building has 3 separate rooms, also air-Conditioned/heated, bathroom and shower. Also at the east end there are 3 apartments, The ground floor being double in size, approx. 1,000 sq.ft.

Each apartment has a kitchenette and full bathroom and shower. All are central air conditioned/heated with separate control for each apartment.

A garage of 60×100 ft (6000 sqft) has fourteen 10x12ft roll-up doors, set so vehicles can be driven right through. There is an office with full bath and shower and kitchenette, also air conditioned and heated. Separate employees’ bathroom, as well.

In the garage is a 9,000 vehicle lift, with approx. 50 feet of work benches; There are two separate storage rooms; one 12×20 and 15x 20; above each, plus office and work shop area is additional storage for whatever is needed. Also there are 45×4 by 8 feet hight professional heavy duty steel shelving ( same as in Home Depot ) assessable from either side.

Along the west side ( 60 feet ) is an over hang of 16 feet for additional storage, with electric and water if needed.

The whole facility is also connected to a standby diesel generator of 150KW in its own building, with a 7-second transfer switch. This unit is larger than is needed, and maintains all air conditioning , wells, and all other electric on the property. The diesel fuel tank at the generator is 250 gals. And at garage another fuel tank holds 275 gals.

There is a covered building, 90×220 ft long (20,000 sq ft), . The ceiling height at the eaves is 14ft and rising to 21 ft at peak.. This, like the garage, is an all-steel building, but is open on the sides, whereas the garage is completely enclosed. Both have sky light and adjustable vents in the roof.

There is also an A-frame solid cedar house, 2 floors, 2 full baths, and 2 bedrooms. The house is in excellent condition. It is all cedar and varnished, with all furniture built in.

The property is mostly irrigated, with 3 wells. The front of the property is fenced with white 4 board PVC fence. The driveway, approx. 1700 feet, is lined with lamp poles starting at the gated entrance.

The custom built property is presently a luxury equestrian training center.


For owners and riders who wish short term accommodations, there are a few apartments attached to the barns available for rent. This makes it easier for riders who commute to their horses and for professionals and groomers to stay close to their horses.

There are also 8 hotels available within a 15 mile range.